Democrats in Manassas Park, VA: Accomplishments and Reforms

Voters who lean towards the Democratic party often cast their ballots for candidates who are willing to challenge the status quo. Terry McAuliffe, a well-known Democratic fundraiser, has said that his father taught him that “money in politics isn't bad or good”. He believes that the Democrats have caused a lot of disruption in the United States in just one year with Joe Biden and the extreme left. It is likely that even the majority of Democrats in western Prince William County don't want teachers to take away their role. Attempts to limit Virginia's open campaign finance system by capping contribution amounts or corporate donations have been unsuccessful in the Democrat-led legislature, despite reform being a popular topic among progressives.

Some members of the more progressive wing of the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives have unsuccessfully tried to pressure their colleagues to go further, criticizing the Clean Economy Act for not moving quickly enough and blaming house leaders for blocking consideration of a Virginia version of the Green New Deal in favor of an approach they consider too lenient towards electric companies. Democrats have also advocated for gun bans in places such as government buildings, parks, and at events such as rallies and political protests. The 30th District seat is one of the few that could decide which party controls the upper house of the General Assembly, currently held by Democrats by a narrow margin of 21 to 19. Before obtaining a majority, Democrats made it clear that they wanted to pass stricter laws to prevent potentially dangerous people from accessing firearms and to allow firearms to be banned in more public places. Democrats have remained deeply divided on electric service reform for the past two years, and many members of the House of Representatives joined a group of Republicans in that chamber to push for a series of changes to the state code that would restore much of the authority of Virginia's public utility regulators, the State Corporation Commission, to regulate rates and revenues.

In higher education, Democrats achieved one of their top priorities: free community education for low- and middle-income students. Roem's announcement opens a battle that could have great repercussions against Republican Ian Lovejoy, a former Manassas city councilor who announced his intention to run for the seat in March. Democrats also established a series of new civil rights protection measures, making it easier to file discrimination lawsuits of all kinds in state courts through the Virginia Securities Act and, for the first time, explicitly prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in housing, employment and public accommodations.

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